Frequently asked questions

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    What is the first step in getting a custom wig?
    Schedule a complementary consultation where we will design a wig for your needs.
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    Will the wig or hairpiece look natural?
    Yes, a wig can look very natural with proper quality, styling, and maintenance. Wigs have an artificial hairline that can create some styling restrictions for wigs unlike natural growth hair from the scalp. Certain styles and cap designs can make it easier for the wearer to disguise it such as bangs for fringes. At design by Echo the main goal is for a client to go undetected while wearing their week or therapy with good quality and care can achieve this.
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    What's the average price for wig or hair piece?
    Depending on the length and quality the price range can be $1600-$9000, short to medium lengths tend to be in the$1600 to $5000 range the longer lengths tend to be $2,500 to $9,000 range. Men's pieces range from $900 to $1,100 because of shorter length and standard quality.
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    What quality of hair do you offer?
    I focus on premium human European hair but offer Indian and Chinese hair as well. I also offer high-quality synthetic wigs as well.
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    How long does it take to get a wig how long does it take to get a new order?
    Depending on if it is a ready made wig or custom wig; it takes a week for ready made wigs to be shipped and prepared; a complete custom wig can take up to 12 weeks to be made.
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    How long does the average wig last?
    It can vary greatly depending on the wearer. Someone more active will wear out the wig faster than someone who wears it for standard daily wear. It also depends on attachment and if the wearer sleeps in it. The average wig can last three months to a year before it needs to be refurbished. It is recommended to have more than one wig to wear at all times.
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    How do you wigs and hairpieces attach?
    For women the average attachment is pressure sensitive or wig bands. For men medical grade tape adhesive or bonding is more common but is an option for women as well.
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    How do I care for a wig or hairpiece?
    Proper care for a wig or hairpiece can really make it look more natural and make it last longer. A wig should be gently shampooed with professional care products and conditioned with a gentle process. For human hair wigs it is recommended at the most once a week and at the least once a month. Each time a human hair wig or hairpiece is washed it is followed with styling to complete the look. A human hair wig does not have a memory like a synthetic wig. Styling options can be taught during the process of getting a new wig.